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Why you need to know our policy?

Just like any other restaurants, we have our own policy to enforce in order for us to better serve our customers with great quality service & to have an efficient way of running our business.

Since we have many customers every day, and some try to take advantage by ignoring our policies, we would like to ask you to know our policies before you go.


*Although we have empty seats, we stop letting parties in when we are behind with our orders.

*All members of the party must be present before being escorted to their table

*18% gratuity will be added for parties of six or more.

*To-go orders must be placed in person.

*Both dine-in and to-go customers must sign in, we help the customers accordingly to the order of the list.

*Food must be untouched in order to get a full price refund. If the food has been consumed(a bite, taste or touched, etc.), the food is no longer refundable.

*Carrying in food or drink from outside are not accepted.

*We have to clear your alcohol drinks from your table by 10:45pm.

*We do not print individual bill, but the party is allowed it up to 3 ways. -Pay by amount, not by item. We do not calculate the amount for each person.

If you want to pay with more than 2 ways, let us know so we can provide you with a paper to write down the amount you want to be charged.

*$10 minimum for credit card transactions.

Thank you for understanding!