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Japanese Izakaya Restaurant
in Chula Vista

An izakaya is a casual Japanese establishment that serves food and drink where people gather to socialize in. The foods ranges from small dishes, similar to tapas, to accompany the drinks, as well as larger serving sizes to eat while you enjoy Japanese beers and sake. In Izakaya Naruto we serve not only Japanese dishes, but a wide variety of foods taking inspiration from other regions in Asia and other nearby countries such as Mexico. The food presentation and the atmosphere of Naruto is different from other local Japanese restaurants -- its modern and casual setting welcomes all kinds of people.


*We appreciate that many customers visit our restaurant every day. However, we have a tiny kitchen and eating space that makes (sometimes) the waiting time for both to-go and dine-in up to 1 hour or more at longest. We understand that people go to the restaurants when hungry. We really appreciate your patience and understanding, as we also go to restaurants on private time when hungry.

*We apologize for not answering your phone calls, since we are constantly busy.

*We are sorry, too for showing all of our policies inside and outside of the restaurant, and also on the wabsite. It is because many customers have ignored and failed to comply with these rules.
We hope you understand. Of course we understand that you do not go to restaurants to read signs, but to be enjoy and have good time!

*To keep the quality & the price reasonable, we are not making our business bigger. Thank you for understanding!


*We stopped taking orders to-go over the phone.
To-go orders must be placed in person, now.


7 days/A week
Last Call 10:30pm

We close on Thanksgiving day, Christmas day and New years day.